Get Your Sales Funnel Flowing!


Whether you're launching an entirely new offer or putting a fresh spin on a tried-and-true best seller...

There are a few things you need to convert cold traffic:









But where do you start?

Whether you're launching an ad campaign, a new course funnel, or breaking into a new vertical with targeted email campaigns...

You start with some serious research.

A deep dive into all of the pains, frustrations, and the greatest desires of the customers you're trying to reach.

Then you get to brainstorming.

Exactly how your offer takes your customers from beaten down, frustrated, and scared to living their best life with your new-found solution.

But that's not all...

You've got to take ALL of that and get it on every medium your customer spends valuable time on.

Social Ads, Emails, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels & more...

Now, you can take care of all that yourself


You can lean on someone like me, who's been turning cold prospects into gold for years!

I'm Jacob Suckow.

and I spent years helping startups, SAAS companies and businesses just like yours take new products into the market for pennies on the dollar.

But after countless hours slaving away on email campaigns and making thousands of dials—all to build the perfect message and get more business in the door—I realized something...

All the strategies that:

  • Skyrocketed a CPG underdog to multiple 7 figures per year
  • Sold $400k+ worth of contracts to a brand new market (in less than 9 months)
  • Closed deals with top executives at Boeing, the MLB, Bank of America and more

Could help growing startups and solopreneurs scale their offers to 6 and 7 figure powerhouses in no time.

So I've got just one question.

Would you like my help with that?

What my clients say:

Great results from Top-Notch Copy means happy customers.

"Jacob got overhauled an email campaign fast. He was quick, communicative and understands marketing at its core."

Andrew Futrell

Mindset Marketing

"Our most successful campaign of the year—and we got it all done in a day"

Kelli Folsom


"Without a doubt, I got the best person for the job. Without a doubt."

Anu Lall

Breath Workout

How Can We Work Together?

The Offer Hour

The Offer Hour is the quickest, most affordable way for you and I to work together—guaranteed.

And what you get out of it is totally up to you.

Whether you need a sounding board for your latest offer, ideas on a killer landing page, some email flows to stop treacherous leaks in your funnel, or you need a brief audit of an already existing page—I've got you covered.

Book Yours Now!

Funnel Mapping

Building a brand new offer? Need a clear strategy on products that are already selling?

The Funnel Strategy Session gets you 60-minutes dedicated to any questions or struggles you have with your very own sales funnel.

PLUS you get a complete, easy-to-understand outline of your customer's journey—From first exposure to your brand to purchase and referral.

A Project Just for You

Launching something soon? Have a funnel that needs an overhaul or an extra set of eyes?

Get your Sales Page, Email Sequence, or your Entire Funnel flowing the way you need it to. We'll sit down and walk through your unique situation to find the fastest route to a sales funnel you can scale fast.

Ready to fill your funnel?

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