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What is it that makes you stand out from anyone else in your industry? It's the experience you deliver from the moment your next customer lands on your website.

Your customers need to know exactly what you're doing, how it affects them, and where they can go to actually support you.

But how do you get there from a curious visitor or somebody who clicked on a social ad?

Whether you're offering a more sustainable solution to something they already have or a life-changing wellness offer they've never even heard of before...

You have to meet them exactly where they are today and capture their attention—fast.

The best way to do that:

With proven conversion strategies and top-notch copy your funnel, sales pages, or email marketing will turn into conversion machines.

What actually works?


Strategic Email Campaigns

You've got a solid email list and now you want to sell them something.


Engaging Sales & Landing Pages

You've written a killer lead magnet or you're running a special offer and you need pages that actually convert.


Compelling Website Copy

You have traffic! Now, you've only got 2 seconds to grab their attention and get them to take action.

Jacob revamped our website and overhauled our email sequences... He's quick, professional, communicative, and understands marketing at its core.

— Andrew F.

If you said yes to any of the above, I can help.

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My Name's Jacob.

I'm a Grand Rapids, MI-based conversion copywriter with a knack for sales and marketing.

I spent years helping software companies and lucrative B2B brands when I realized something. The copy making these companies endless cash could be doing so much more.

So, why not make an impact with it?

I turned my focus to working with companies that are changing the world we live in each day—for the better.

No matter how powerful your story is or how dedicated your audience is to making a change, they still need to be convinced to take action.

As a copywriter, I’m here to help you say exactly what your audience needs to hear in order to make the leap from curious visitor to lifelong customer.

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