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Deep in Thought and giving your funnel my undivided attention.

Or at least, it could be...

Get Your Funnel Fixed!

Building a brand new offer? Need a clear strategy on products that are already selling?

The Funnel Strategy Session gets you 60-minutes dedicated to any questions or struggles you have about:

Lead Magnets

Does your top-of-funnel need filling? I can help you build a top-notch lead magnet that gets your customers lining up to join your list.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Full-on strategy sessions with an entire funnel map delivered straight to your inbox. Perfect to get you started on your next great offer.

Voice of Customer Research

Need to know how to talk like your customers? I'll walk you through an entire VOC outline to turn up the dial on your marketing.

Customer Interviews

If you're the DIY type but want occasional help getting started, I'll help you find exactly what questions you need to ask your audience..

Copy Audits

Maybe you just want to know where to start. I can do a brief audit of one asset live with the recording delivered straight to your inbox..

Landing Pages & Emails

When you need a persuasive page or an email campaign idea to get your offer out the door and selling—fast.

PLUS you get a a complete, easy-to-understand outline of your customer's journey

From first exposure to your brand to purchase and referral.

What my clients say:

Great results delivered fast means happy customers.

"Jacob got an email campaign overhauled fast. He was quick, communicative and understands marketing at its core."

Andrew Futrell

Mindset Marketing

"Our most successful campaign of the year—and we got all the ideas from just one call"

Kelli Folsom


"Without a doubt, I got the best person for the job. Without a doubt."

Anu Lall

Breath Workout

Not sure if The Funnel Strategy Session is right for you?

I get it. Strategy calls are different than the typical copywriter-client relationship.

Typically, you'd have to book at least a month in advance to get your project on my calendar. And, my project packages start at $3600.

That's why I built The Funnel Strategy to give you a clear, guided path to building the hassle-free funnel you've always wanted.

You're a great fit for this deal if you:

KNOW GREAT COPY IS KEY to make your offer sell and you've worked with other successful writers in the past

HAVE A KILLER OFFER that's been selling for years and you need someone like me to help you figure out a path to scale

ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH ME long term but you want to see what kind of copy chops I've got under the hood first

NEED A CLEAR ROADMAP for the assets you and your team need to build to sell this thing on autopilot

The Funnel Strategy Session is the quickest, most affordable way for you to finally understand your funnel.

And what you get out of it is totally up to you.

Whether you need a sounding board for your latest offer, ideas on a killer landing page, or you simply want to toss the burden of figuring out your complicated roadmap on my shoulders—I can help.

For your Funnel Strategy Session, you get 60 minutes of my time entirely focused on your offer. And, once that's done, I'll get to work on mapping out a clear journey for your customers through every offer you have (and some ideas for the future).

Everything that gets completed is yours to keep—with a full recording and transcript delivered straight to your inbox.

So, if that sounds like just what the doctor ordered, hit that big blue button below so we can get started!

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