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How is this different than ANY OTHER newsletter out there?

I get it. There's an endless stream of content for freelancers, consultants, and solopreneurs.

But there's a few things that people just haven't been willing to share...

  • Finances (we’re talking a literal 30 min overview into someone’s quickbooks account),
  • Pipeline reviews and deal process—from introduction to proposal and beyond
  • Over-the-shoulder footage of their day-to-day operations
  • How they work with other contractors, freelancers or consultants in their own biz
  • What they're doing to scale beyond trading their time
  • Every step of the funnels that have been working so well for them

Every piece of content in exactly the format YOU desire.

Maybe one week you want to read through the financial report with your cup of coffee steaming in your other hand...

And next week you've got an awfully long drive to the in-laws and you want to keep yourself sane in the backseat listening to my latest campaign breakdown in a private podcast..

Or maybe you're sitting in front of your Smart TV at home and you'd rather curl up with a bowl of popcorn and your cat to watch me break down another client funnel...

Regardless, you can have it your way. And this isn't BK, it's The BluePrint.

That means you get:

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That means you'll get EVERYTHING above for only $18.99/month for the ENTIRE life of your subscription.

Get the Deal Before It Runs Out!

Whether I'm crazy, careless, or a little bit of both...

I want to share EVERYTHING as I grow my business from:

  • My first month full-time ($11k at an unsustainable 85+ hours/week) to...
  • Today ($15k on average and getting closer to 3-4 day weeks)...
  • And beyond ($250k per year working 30hrs/week or less).

We're talking HIGH QUALITY, unfiltered content that you can use to build a business exactly like mine or put mine OUT of business—with an even better idea. 

I don't care what the hell you do with the information, all I care is that you find an EXTREMELY unbalanced amount of value for what you pay each month. 

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And that's why we're doing this whole paid newsletter thing differently than everyone else. 

I COULD set up some half-baked membership for you to read an extra article or two that I pulled off of my blog in order to make a few extra bucks each month...

But I couldn't live with myself if THAT's what I did. 

Instead, I'm making a promise to give away EVERYTHING that I possible can. My email templates, my automation workflows, sales call strategies, pipeline management tactics, audience building techniques—ALL OF IT.

Did you read that right? 


And I'm doing it all because I think that it's complete and utter bullshit that every other GOOROO (thanks Ben Settle) out there can peddle their latest VSL about taking another ten clients to $10k/month and beyond...

And they're robbing people BLIND. 

More power to them if they're getting results, but at the end of the day they're just building some form of internet marketing cult that follows them around and spews principles from the latest monthly call. 

Sorry, I'm gonna step off my soapbox for a second...

Ok, thanks for bearing with me, that was a close one. 

I almost said that I CAN'T FUCKING STAND how much people are profiting off of everyone else's ignorance. 

And so I made a promise that I'm not going to tell you that there's only one way to do ANYTHING. 

What I am going to do is show you exactly what I'm doing to grow my business to $250k and beyond. No matter WHAT direction it takes. 

And you can take that knowledge and apply it HOWEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE

  • If you see something working well, STEAL IT. 
  • If you see me fail at something, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. 

This isn't a course—it's simply a shortcut to whatever path you're trying to carve out for yourself in the world of online business. 

But Who the Hell Am I?

My Name's Jacob Suckow.

and I spent years helping startups, SAAS companies and small businesses take new products into the market for pennies on the dollar.

But after countless hours slaving away on email campaigns and making thousands of dials—all to build the perfect message and get more business in the door—I realized something...

All the strategies that:

  • Skyrocketed a CPG underdog to multiple 7 figures per year
  • Sold $400k+ worth of contracts to a brand new market (in less than 9 months)
  • Closed deals with top executives at Boeing, the MLB, Bank of America and more

Could help people just like you build something successful of their own.

Now, I build bulletproof funnels and irresistible offers for ambitious solopreneurs. And I'm recording every step of my journey so I can share it ALL with you!

So, If You Want:

  • 100% raw updates about my business 2x/week—things like new clients, leads and exactly where they’re coming from
  • Audience growth, new marketing strategies that I’m testing out AND their results
  • Financial reports every month with a DEEP DIVE webinar every single quarter
  • A backseat view into how I’m handling ALL my responsibilities as a solopreneur (with some VA help to come soon)
  • PLUS 100% personalized answers to ANY question you have  on a 1x/week podcast
  • All delivered in every format you can think of (Video, Audio, Polished Newsletters, & Email)

Then The BluePrint is EXACTLY What You Need.